Lost Boys – PAN the musical

“Lost Boys” from PAN the musical at the Historic Lincoln Theater, September 2013. Book, music and lyrics by Conrad Askland based on “Peter and Wendy” by JM Barrie.

I wrote “PAN the musical” for META Performing Arts, a youth theater non-profit group in Mount Vernon, WA. PAN is a new version of the Peter Pan story that combined audience interaction, songs for children and some high brow musical theater as well. One critic said it was the perfect show for children AND adults to enjoy together.

PAN the musical website at: http://www.PanMusical.com

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Captain Hook Joke

Here’s my new favorite Captain Hook joke. Now you know that us Scandihoovians tell a lot of jokes. However, we make no claim that any of them are actually funny…..

A pirate walked into a bar and the bartender said, “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while. What happened? You look terrible.
“What do you mean?” said the pirate, “I feel fine.”
Bartender: “What about the wooden leg? You didn’t have that before.”
Pirate: “Well, we were in a battle and I got hit with a cannon ball, but I’m fine now.”
Bartender: “Well, okay, but what about that hook? What happened to your hand?”
Pirate: “We were in another battle. I boarded a ship and got into a sword fight. My hand was cut off. I got fitted with a hook. I’m fine, really.”
Bartender: “What about that eye patch?”
Pirate: “Oh, one day we were at sea and a flock of birds flew over. I looked up and one of them did a dump and it hit me in my eye.”
“You’re kidding,” said the bartender, “you couldn’t lose an eye just from bird droppings.”
Pirate: “It was my first day with the hook.”Â

Peter Pan Tinkerbell Live Sound


Here’s a simple way to do live sound effects for Tinkerbell in stage productions of Peter Pan.

Use a colored laser pointer for Tinkerbell, preferably a professional projector made specifically for this effect (you can rent these). In the picture above you’ll see a nose flute, kazoo, metal chain to rustle for tinkle effects, a mouth buzzer and an inexpensive slide whistle.

Use these together to create realistic Tinkerbell audio fx while running the projection system. Tinkerbell is sometimes happy with light hearted buzzing sounds and sometimes angry with aggravated buzz type sounds. The slide whistle is good for “yes” and “no” responses to Peter Pan dialogue.

Since these are lighter ambient type sounds, you’ll probably want to use a condensor microphone, not a dynamic mic. If you don’t understand that, your sound engineer will. Just tell him “condensor mic”.

Total cost for Tinkerbell sound props is under twenty five dollars.

You can rent a professional Tinkerbell laser beam projector from ZFX, Inc at www.zfxflying.com

Peter Pan Audio FX Sound Design Effects

Here are sound effects I created for Peter Pan for use in live stage productions. These were layered live to the stage action using a laptop computer with a virtual synthesizer triggered from a midi keyboard. Some of the effects, like the overture, are left sparse in sections to allow layers of other sounds over the top.

Most of the sounds layer well together even if tracks are in different keys. For instance, the Peter Pan flute theme can play over the top of most samples, as well as the bell melodies.

Peter Pan Fairy BKG Chimes MP3
Background shimmering chimes with lullabye music box. Segues and backdrop for happy flying sequences to layer with other sounds. Also a good “safety” that will fit any scene.

War – Indian Drums MP3

will finish post later

Peter Pan Costume and Set Design Photos

Here are costume and set photos from the Theater Arts Guild (Skagit County, WA) production of Peter Pan at Skagit Valley College.

PETER PAN 2006 – Cast Photo

























See through gauze with sprinkles cut in shape of Peter Pan












My Sound Effects Station
Using Kontakt Software triggering custom sound effects




McIntyre Hall – Skagit Valley College
View of Peter Pan Stage from Sound Control Booth


McIntyre Hall Sound Booth from Box Seats


Jerry Fortier – Sound Engineer


Brian Hurst Vocal Overdubs

captain-hook.jpgThank you to Brian Hurst for doing website vocal overdubs for me. We were recording overdubs for a production of Peter Pan; he plays Captain Hook in the show. His Hook accent is just too much fun not to use for other things. I’ll keep the overdubs up for a while until I get too many complaints.

And for the record, Brian Hurst is the ULTIMATE Captain Hook actor. Pretty incredible. Check my Peter Pan section for pictures from the show.

Nocturnes for Piano

085407410126.jpgMy Piano Nocturnes! I had forgotten about them. While doing sound effects for Peter Pan I needed a melancholy lullabye played on piano for the final scene – didn’t quite have time to compose a piece for it and then I remembered: The Nocturnes!

These were all improvised live in a church sanctuary deep in the night. These are my original pieces. One starts off like Moonlight Sonata, but takes a different path.. You will definately hear the Bach influence on the pieces. I am very proud of them and if you don’t like them, then you are a stinky codfish.

My favorites are #1 and #2 – I put them first so I wouldn’t have to waste time on the CD to hear them.

Piano Nocturne 1 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 2 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 3 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 4 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 5 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 6 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 7 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 8 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 9 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 10 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 11 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 12 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 13 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 14 – MP3

My friend Deb Carole sat in the Sanctuary while I played these and would give me input. It was a great evening and a memory I treasure. I improvise a lot like this late at night in a sanctuary, but this is the only time I recorded. Someone asked me recently if I ever practice at church late at night and just go nuts. The answer is yes, all the time. When I’m finished it’s a feeling like no other, always a feeling of peace and serenity – like what a Marathon runner must feel after a good workout.

My favorite is to do Bach style improvisations, they get very fast and would probably not please most ears I think. But at those times I don’t have to play for anyone else, just me and Thee.

Peter Pan 2006 TAG – Cast and Credits

pp-web-400.jpgPeter Pan – Presented by the Theater Arts Guild (TAG) at McIntyre Hall (Mount Vernon, WA), November 17-26, 2006.

Flying effects by ZFX, Inc.

CAST – In order of appearance

NANA – Hydee Garman
Michael Darling – Alyssa Nelson
Mrs. Darling – Nicola Pearson
John Darling – Alex Ragusa
Wendy Darling – Taylor Frizzell
Mr. Darling – Brian Young
Peter Pan – Sarah Tsinger
Tinker Bell – Carly Stewart
Liza – Andrea Talley
Faires – Molly Frahm, Connor Nelson, Corin Pierce, Kaytin Rooney, Sophie Stewart

Wolves/Audience/Cabin Boys – Eva Givens, Hayden Idom, Gus Kidane, Trevin Rudy

Lost Boys – Emma Eliason, Cameron Frahm, James Matson, Jason Miller, Annie Murray, Alice Pollock, Greg Pollock, Reid Wells

Captain Hook – Brian Hurst
Smee – James Lindsey
Gentlemen Starkey – Brian Young
Cecco – Thomas Young
Billie Jukes – Brydie Landreth
Noodler – Jeff Huschka
Mullins – Matthias Struck
Cookson – Pete Grace
Pirates – Kevin Cobley, Susan Cook, Nathan Hamer, Kraut, Roger Ragusa

Pirate Wenches – Kathy Dean, Ann Klitzke-Nelson, Susan Watson

Tiger Lily – Felisha Palomera
Panther – Stefan Vanden Kooy
Warriors – Mikalah Barem, Shelby Burkhart, Rose Drummond, Rachel Huschka, Madison Idom, Maria Matson, Francesca Ragusa, Lourdes Young

Mermaids – Alisha Anderson, Ann-Kristin Becker, Sarah Damstra, Demi Fair, Chloe Roberts, Rachael Young

Crocodile – Dave Needy
Older Wendy – Alisha Anderson


Producers – Ellen Palmer, Bruce Vilders
Director – Dianne Goddard
Assistant to Director – Kathy Dean
Stage Manager – Brian Paxton
Assistant Stage Manager – Emma Lynn
Set Coordinator – Steve Craig
Technical Director – Don Willcuts
Carpenters – Philip Brown, Steve Craig, Howie, Don Willcuts
Costume Designer – Cathy Pfahl
Light Designer – Seajay Winters
Sound Designer – Jerry Fortier
Sound Effects Designer – Conrad Askland
Prop Designers – Shari Lindberry, Carole Lindberry, Fred Hastings
Make-up Designer – Seajay Winters
Tinkerbell Engineer – Martha McDade
Sound Engineer – Adam Lynn
Light Board Operator – Steve Fisher
Spot Operator – Wes Furlong
Paint Crew – Howie, Carrie James, Dave James, Sharon Litton, Suzanne McLamb, Norman Rogue, Ellen Palmer, Dorothy Peth, Jen Spence, Bruce Vilders, Seajay Winters

Fly Rail Crew – Spencer Desmarais, Howie, Dave Mumford, Nate Young
Running Crew – Spencer Desmarais, Alisha Huschka, Suzanne McLamb, Jim Nelson, Kelly Pollino, Emily Watilo, Wes Furlong, Jordan Lange

Aerial Crew – Spencer Desmarais, Jim Nelson, Roger Ragusa, Matt Struck, Dave Mumford, Nate Young

Props Crew – Amanda Curtis, Carol Garman
Hair/Make-up Supervisor – Patty Idom
Make-Up Crew – Daniel Davidge, Esther Ramirez, Amy Vermulm

Costume Crew – Jann Barem, Jill Eliason, Lu Parker, Leslie Crawford, Anne Clarke, Cast and their families

Volunteer Coordinator – Ann Klitzke-Nelson
Fight Choreographer – Bruce Vilders
Aerial Choreographer – JoAnne Craig
Warrior Choreographer – Lourdes Young
Poster Design – Scott McDade
Bio/Underwriting Boards – Jann Barem and Mikalah Barem
Flying effects provided by ZFX, Inc.
Thank you to Russ Morgan from ZFX
2006 Theater Arts Guild

Cathy Pfahl – President
Scott McDade – Vice President
Ellen Palmer – Secretary
John Cheney – Treasure
Harold Paige
Conrad Askland
Molly McNulty
Ann Klitzke-Nelson
Susan Watson
Brian Paxton
Carl K. Turner
Jane E. Skinner
Roger Ragusa
Jann Barem
Bruce Vilders
Eileen Butler
Pat Shreve
Karen Marshall
Dianne Goddard
Clarence Holden

Peter Pan Opens at McIntyre Hall 2006

pp-web-400.jpgPeter Pan opens at McIntyre Hall (Mount Vernon, WA) on November 17, 2006 for a two week run. More info at the Theater Arts Guild website. Peter Pan will fly and battle Captain Hook!
Tickets: 360-416-7727
Friday Nov 17 7:30 pm
Saturday – $10 bargain show* Nov 18 2:00 pm
Saturday Nov 18 7:30 pm
Sunday Nov 19 2:00 pm
Wednesday – $10 bargain show* Nov 22 7:30 pm
Friday Nov 24 2:00 pm
Friday Nov 24 7:30 pm
Saturday Nov 25 2:00 pm
Saturday Nov 25 7:30 pm
Sunday Nov 26 2:00 pm

*Important Bargain Show Limitations: Festival Seating. No Advance Sale. Tickets are sold at the box office ONLY, 2 hours prior to show time.


Peter Pan Set, Sword Prop and Scrim Designs

*Update August 2013 – Check out a new Peter Pan musical ! *

Here are some samples of set design for the Cathy Rigby production of Peter Pan and closeup of swords for Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tiger Lily. These set designs and props are available from ZFXFLYING.com, as well as updated new set designs from ZFXFLYING.

ZFX Flying has a very fun website and I encourage you to visit it. They do fx for Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz and many other shows including “Matrix” type flying fx.

Tiger Lily Sword


Sword for Peter Pan


Captain Hook Sword and Hook


Johnny Corkscrew Sword

All Swords – available from ZFX Flying


Underground Set Design


Pirate Ship Set Designs


Photo of Peter Pan Nursery

Peter Pan Neverland Set Ideas


Jolly Roger Scrim for Peter Pan Productions