Rock of Ages the musical in New York and Bermuda


So once again I join the Rock of Ages cast as music director and keyboardist for the 2015 runs in New York and Bermuda. The band “Arsenal” is rocking hard this year with Guitarists Gino Del Sole, Andre “Virus” Karkos, Steve Such on drums and myself.

The hit metal songs from the 1980’s hair bands are featured in Rock of Ages the musical with songs by Journey, Twisted Sister, White Snake, Styx, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Poison, Europe and many more.

This run’s band is awesome and it has been so great working with director Rye Mullis and Broadway director Kristin Hanggi on this run. Probably one of the best vocal directors I’ve worked with is Randy Glass also on this run.

What’s it like to be music director for Rock of Ages? With this cast and powerhouse of singers it’s a dream. One of the best rock choruses I’ve ever worked with and extremely strong rock soloists.


Here’s some photos of the band, which is called “Arsenal” in the show:





9 thoughts on “Rock of Ages the musical in New York and Bermuda

  1. For the 2014 run I worked on, Drew was played by John Krause, who went on to do the Vegas ROA show. On my 2015 run Drew was played by Sam Cieri.

  2. In the 2015 5.0 run, who played Lonnie/The Narrator? And who was Franz, he also played Drew for the last show on September 17th, 2015?

  3. Hi Courtney,
    In the 2015 5.0 run Lonnie was played by Adam Barry. Franz was played by Sean Maddox and yes, he also went on as Drew for the Sept. 17, 2015 show.

    On the 2014 3.0 run, Adam Barry played Mayor JKeith and Sean Maddox was swing. It was wonderful to see both of them work their way up into larger roles.

  4. Hi, I just got back from Bermuda on the Breakaway and I’m dying to know who was in the cast of Rock of Ages. We saw it twice because they were all so good! It wasn’t Adam Barry or Sean Maddox.

  5. I just got back from a cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway and wanted to know who played Sherri in Rock of Ages (sailing was 5/28-6/4) Thanks!

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