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Question received:

I am doing a production of Seussical the Musical this summer and had a few questions… does the
score call for upright AND electric bass, or just electric? Also, would you
happen to know if the bass part is “written out” (notes on the staff) or
just chord changes? Any info would be helpful. Thanks so much.


Hi Laura,

The Seussical score is written out for bass. You could do it with upright bass, but would recommend electric bass. There’s so many rock grooves in this musical that I think you’ll want that punch. Also nice to have a consistent sound for your audio technician to work with (mixing the kick and bass guitar to complement each other).

For me the best description for doing the music in Seussical is “whirlwind” – The music has very few breaks and switches up feels a lot. It was one of my favorite musicals to work on. I think you’ll have a blast!

Let me know if you have any other questions – it makes me feel smart when I can actually answer them.


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