Martin Luther on Farts

“But I resist the devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away”. This is a quote from Martin Luther in the early 16th century. Superstitions abounded during this time, including the widespread belief that the devil caused gastro-intestinal disorders. It’s a very funny quote – if you don’t think it’s funny then I would question whether you are still above ground.

I am a proud Martin Luther geek, and a friend bought me “The Wit of Martin Luther” by Eric Gritsch. It is full of the most unabashed writings of Martin Luther. He had a sharp tongue with a sharp sense of humour that might be compared to a mix between Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin.

But in all fairness, here is the complete excerpt that the quote comes from:

“I am of a different mind ten times in the course of a day. But I resist the devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away. When he tempts me with silly sins I say, “Devil, yesterday I broke wind too. Have you written it down on your list?” …I remind myself of the forgiveness of sin and of Christ and I remind Satan of the abomination of the pope. This abomination is so great that I am of good cheer and rejoice, and I confess that the abomination of the papacy after the time of Christ is a great consolation in me.”

– Martin Luther

5 thoughts on “Martin Luther on Farts

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  2. Do you have the quote about how he needed another set of balls sewed on just to keep up with his wife Katharina’s sexual needs? Luther had some very funny moments. Another favorite is
    “… Besides, the Word is the principal part of baptism. If in an emergency there’s no water at hand, it doesn’t matter whether water or beer is used.” ~ Martin Luther

  3. Aus einem verzagten Arsch kommt kein fröhlicher Furz. (A despondant ass does not produce a happy fart.) – Martin Luther

  4. It would be helpful if in your blog you published the SOURCE of Luther quotes. Lot’s can be attributed to him of which there is no record. What is the source of “another set of balls sewed on jut to keep up with his wife Katharina’s sexual needs,” or using beer for baptism in emergency where there is no water at hand?
    Can we opt for honesty and then give citation. Thank you

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