Sibelius – Part Name Prints Over Header Title on Subsequent Pages

In Sibelius notation software there’s a great feature where part names automatically print at the top of each page. Unfortunately this is also where your song title and subtitle are placed by default. The end result is that at the top header of each page over the first title page, the part title (full score, keyboard/vocal, trombone, etc.) prints on top of the title text and makes it all unreadable. The part name clashes on top of the title header text.

So, here’s the way to fix it. First off, you may have put your title and subtitle for subsequent pages in by hand like I did, so delete that text AFTER the first page.

In the “View” tab, select “Hidden Objects”. Now on your first page, in full score view, you should see the text “Full Score” in the top middle of your SECOND page.

Double click on the “Full Score” text, then select “No”. Now you will see the code for the “Full Score” part name text which is: \$HEADERPARTNAME\

That code displays the part name. In Full Score View it will say “Full Score”. If viewing your Key 1 part it will say “Key 1”. If you extracted a Vocal/Key 1 part it will say “Vocal/Key1”, etc. It will display at the top of every subsequent page. Now you want to add code to display the Title of the song, and maybe the subtitle too.

For example, my current song name is “Some Place Just Like Here” and it’s part of my new musical called “PAN the musical”. I want the top of every page, after the first page, to display “Part” – “Title” – “Subtitle”. So I change the code to this:


The top of every page, in full score view, now displays “Full Score – Some Place Just Like Here – PAN the musical”.

Make sure in “File” – “Score Info” that your title and subtitle are input as you want them. The tags pull the title and subtitle from your Score Info page, not from what you wrote on the first page for your Title and Subtitle.

In the above code, the “$” sign calls each text. The hyphens I put in are just because I want a hyphen to display between part name, title and subtitle.

I hope this is ultra clear. I spent quite a bit of time looking up ways to keep the part name header text from clashing with the title and subtitle in Sibelius, but most of the answers I read were slightly cryptic. If this doesn’t work for you or you have a better solution, please leave a comment so future readers can make this a painless process.

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