Sweeney Todd Music – Behind the Scenes


“I prefer actors that can sing rather than singers that can act” – I thought that was a great quote from Stephen Sondheim in this video behind the scenes on the music for the movie version of the musical “Sweeney Todd”.

In another interview I read today with Stephen Sondheim he said although most musicals now are rock/pop or jukebox style – he said the same rules apply to creating musical theater: You create what you like and then just hope that others like it too. He says to try and second guess current trends or what audiences will like is pointless. I would say that in the world of pure art this is true. Although most of us work in arenas where budgets and projects dictate expectations.

Unless of course we are brave enough to venture out and create our own visions  unhampered by monetary expectations. That is a tough decision for an artist, and a very fun one!

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