SWTOR Massive Beta Testing Begins November 2011


BETA testing just opened for everyone that signed up early and opted in. See you soon in The Old Republic!

SWTOR.com is Star Wars the Old Republic – an new MMORPG game from Bioware, Electronic Arts and Lucas Arts. Video above are some of the design team stating their opinions of the Sith Inquisitor vs the Trooper. Mmmm……I think I’m sold on the Sith Inquisitor. For those of us playing SWTOR that used to play Warcraft (which is probably most everyone) this seems a little like the Orc Warrior vs. a Rogue with some Mage abilities.

BETA testing just opened for all of us that signed up early and opted in for the beta testing. So I’ll be out there somewhere with the rest of the geeks swinging my light saber and getting demolished.

Is this geeky – I pre-ordered 3 different versions just to make sure I have the right one when it goes live in December 2011. Oh, and for expats like me that live in Macau, Hong Kong and China – word on the street is we will be able to play when it goes live without spoofing through an IP proxy.

Geeks the world over have been salivating for literally YEARS for this game to go live. Geeks Unite – our time is at hand.

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