Calculate Your God Delusion Index


Calculate your God Delusion index. The “God Delusion” is a book by Richard Dawkins published around 2007 (I think). I read it. This video was posted on one of my bible discussion forums. I was interested to note that my answers to the questions in the video were radically different than they would have been five years ago.

And this comment from the original poster of the video: A STUPID video that I found — a quiz that supposedly measures how deluded by religion you are. I’m glad this hateful moron won’t be spending the next trillion years in heaven with Jesus and me!

Would be interested in your thoughts on this video and it’s questions…

Pope visits Africa, reaffirms ban on condoms

Sub-Saharan Africa has been hit harder by AIDS and HIV than any other region of the world, according to the United Nations and World Health Organization. There has been fierce debate between those who advocate the use of condoms to help stop the spread of the epidemic and those who oppose it.


I’m sure the blogosphere is on fire with this one right now. I have a friend who is Catholic and I asked her about this. She said it’s only for conservative Catholics. I said, “But the Pope is in Africa where millions of people have AIDS, and he’s telling them not to use condoms.” She replies, “Cannot. If people do not use condoms they will die. So they must.”

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Catholic Church stand on cloning of Neanderthals?

This was posted on one of my discussion forums. They poster claims the classic church is against the cloning of humans, but not the cloning of animals. So they wonder what the stance of the Catholic Church will be on the latest rumors of upcoming cloning of Neanderthal DNA. The point in question – are Neanderthals a separate species that died out or close enough in DNA to count as “human”?

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