Auto-Tune the News #6: Michael Jackson. drugs. Palin.


This Auto-Tune the News stuff is great. Hope you enjoy it. My winner in this for forced-rhyme-of-the-year is “you know it’s unconstitutional to take away a god-given pharmaceutical”. Incidentally, I believe it was Mozart who said there is nothing worse than a forced rhyme. But then again, he never heard the news auto-tuned!

The beat is a lightly remixed version of 100th Sight by Kapluckus (a Gregory Residence band consisting of Constance Waddell, Michael Gregory, Jamie Forrest, Stuart Harrison and Jacob Crigler)

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Conrad around 1990

One of my former piano students posted this on Facebook. I think this was around 1990. Here I am at one of my students’ yearly piano recitals, probably around 1990. I taught piano to many students from around 1989 to 2004. At one point I had over 40 students. I loved teaching.

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