China Decouples Stabilization Efforts on US Economy?

An interesting story today from the Motley Fool talks about China’s announcement of a 4-trillion-yuan ($586 Billion US) stimulus package. It says China has supported a $20 billion dollar monthly trade deficit with the US for many years and has artificially depreciated the value of the Yuan to keep it’s export relationships strong.

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First Trip to Zhuhai China

My first trip into Zhuhai China included great shopping, great food, beggars and pickpockets. Zhuhai China is just over the border from Macau – in the Southeast part of China near Hong Kong. The strict visa restrictions have been lifted now that the Olympics are over so it’s a little easier for us Expats (Westerners living in China) to go back and forth over the border now. Photo above is the waterfront in Zhuhai, and you can see the buildings in Macau from this vantage point.

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