Posted by popular demand, it’s the astounding “I LIKE CHOCOLATE” song. Marvel at the orchestration and complex counterpoint. Be in awe of the depth of the lyrics.

This is used for the end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as lift. I always liked the movie “An American Werewolf in London” where they played “Bad Moon Rising” at the end. I wrote this piece to give that kind of feeling to the end of Charlie.


6 thoughts on “The I LIKE CHOCOLATE Song

  1. Oh thank you. That’s me (Conrad Askland) singing all the vocals. I wrote the music for a local theater production in the US for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – which included theme songs for all the child characters, some dance numbers and then I threw in this “I Like Chocolate” song.

    I played this at the front of the show before curtain and at the end. Target audience was grade school kids and I’m happy to report they sang along and laughed at it.

    I don’t have many songs released as a straight ahead vocalist – but I have a lot of songs where I’ve done character voices like this one. It’s very fun.

    I’m slowly switching my audio away from this URL and over to http://www.ConradAskland.NET

  2. Can I order the sheet music of “I like chocolate”, “Candy dancers” and “Invention room dance” from you?


  3. hi sir,

    i’m yani from the philippines… i really like the song “i like chocolate”… we have a very special puppet show for the kids coming in our school… and your song really fits a particular scene in our story… how can i get a copy of your song? is it ok if i use it for our presentation?

    thank you very much and godbless…

  4. Hi Yani,
    Greetings to the Philippines! Last month I spent a few days in Manila and a week in Puerto Princessa, Palawan. It was fantastic and all the people were so nice.

    Yes, you can use the chocolate song for your puppet show. To save the song just “right-click” the link on this post and save to your hard drive.

    A lot of my music is on Itunes, but individual songs like this one are not. So until I have it on Itunes you can download it here.

  5. Thank you so much sir… i bet the kids will love this song 🙂

    Wow its nice to hear that you enjoyed your stay here in the Philippines…well goodluck with your career sir and just keep on making music ‘coz music really takes away the dullness of one’s life… plus your talent is a gift bestowed upon by the lord to you so go go go use it and make the most out of it…

    again maraming salamat po and god bless…

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