High School Musical – Rehearsal Songs by Role and Group

Breakdown of songs in the stage version of Disney’s High School Musical. Most character parts are referenced by the page number they occur in the MTI piano/conductor score. Main roles (Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan) are not listed by song. This page is for reference during HSM rehearsals.
Drum Major (spoken intro)
Guys, Girls (SATB split)
Auditions – 8 soloists
Zeke – p. 11, 75, 78. 81, 117, 156
Taylor – p. 11, 73, 78, 117, 123, 157, 158
Chad – p. 11, p. 74, 78, 117, 154, 156, 158
Martha – p. 75, 78, 84, 117, 123, 156
Ripper – p. 87
T,G Friends – p. 87
4 soloists – 50 Megamix

21 – What I’ve Been Looking For – Play Piano
22 – Cellular Fusion p. 77
34 – Boom Box/Theater – Play Piano start on measure 5
40 – All In This Together – p. 156
46 – Kelsi Tries – p. 170 Play Piano

NOTES: Thespians – add vocalists to fill out sound?
23 – Fill out 97-99 with more vocals (only cliques/rebels)

1 – Wildcat Cheer p. 2-5
2 – Start of Something New p. 11-19
3 – Cellular Fusion p. 76-80
40 – We’re All In This Together p. 155-
47 – Breaking Free p. 196-210

JOCKS (3-part T1, T2, B)
11 – Get’cha Head in the Game p. 29-41
12 – Get’cha (Playoff) into Lab
23 – Stick to the Status Quo – p. 82
30 – Counting on You – p. 118-128
32 – When There Was Me and You – p. 135-141
40 – All In This Together – p. 158
42 – Bop to the Top
47 – Breaking Free p. 187-191
50 – We’re All in This Together (Reprise) p. 196

18 – Auditions p. 51-61
Group 1, Group 2, Also Girls/Guys split
SOLOISTS – James, Susan, Cathy, Alan, Cyndra, Kid 1-2-3,

23 – Stick to the Status Quo – p. 84-86
30 – Counting on You – p. 118-128
32 – When There Was Me and You – p. 131-141
40 – All In This Together – p. 158
42 – Bop to the Top
47 – Breaking Free p. 187-191

23 – Stick to the Status Quo – p. 87

23 – Stick to the Status Quo – p. 89, 92-94, 96

23 – Stick to the Status Quo – p. 94, 96

29 – Wildcat Cheer (Reprise) p. 115

1 – Wildcat Cheer
Drum Major, Girls Guys (SATB split)

2 – Start of Something New
Troy, Gabriella – Part One
All Cast – countdown
Chad, Taylor, Sharpay, Ryan, Zeke – Part Two

3 – Start of Something New (Playoff)
Music Only

4 – Homeroom
Music Only

5 – Gabriella’s Phone
FX Only (cellphone ring)

6 – School Bell
FX only (school bell)

7 – Announcement Transition 1
Music Only

8 – Hallway
Music Only

9 – Announcement Transition 2
Music Only

10 – Basketball Practice
Music Only

11 – Get’cha Head in the Game
Troy, Jocks, 2 solos

12 – Get’cha (Playoff) into Lab
Troy, Jocks

13 – Sharpay Dials
FX only (cellphone dialing)

14 – The Plot Thickens
Music Only

15 – Announcement Transition 3
Music Only

16 – Detention
Music Only

17 – Announcement Transition 4
Music Only

18 – Auditions (Bop to the Top/What I’ve Been Looking For)
Thespians, 8 soloists

19 – What I’ve Been Looking For
Ryan, Sharpay

20 – School Bell
FX only (school bell)

21 – What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)
Troy, Gabriella, Kelsi

22 – Cellular Fusion
Taylor, Zeke, Chad, Martha, Ryan, Sharpay
Girls/Guys split

23 – Stick to the Status Quo
Zeke, Martha, Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan
Jocks, Braniacs, Skaters, Rebels

24 – Entr’acte (Stick to the Status Quo)
Music only

25 – Rooftop Garden
Music only

26 – I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
Troy, Gabriella

27 – Sharpay’s Locker
Music only

28 – Study Hall
Music only

29 – Wildcat Cheer (Reprise)

30 – Counting on You
Chad, Taylor, Zeke
Jocks, Braniacs

31 – Taylor’s Cell
FX only (cellphone ringer)

32 – When There Was Me and You
Gabriella, Troy
Braniacs, Jocks

33 – Boom Box Rehearsal
Music only

34 – Boom Box / Theater
Kelsi – piano

35 – Gabriella’s Cell
FX only – cellphone ringers

36 – Start of Something New (Reprise)
Troy, Gabriella

37 – Study Hall
Music only

38 – Announcement Transition 5
Music only

39 – Sorry, Troy
Music only

40 – We’re All In This Together
Chad, Zeke, Kelsi, Martha, Taylor
All Cast

41 – Bumpy Ride
Music only

42 – Bop to the Top
Sharpay, Ryan
Braniacs, Jocks

43 – Meltdown
FX only – circuit breaker and generator failure

44 – In the Lab
Music only

45 – In the Theater
In the Theater

46 – Kelsi Tries
Music only – Kelsi piano

47 – Breaking Free
Troy, Gabriella,
Full Cast

48 – Game Buzzer
FX only – Game buzzer

49 – Wildcat Vamp
Music only

50 – We’re All In This Together (Reprise)
Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan
All Cast

51 – High School Musical Megamix
4 soloists
All Cast

52 – Exit Music (Bop to the Top)

High School Musical 2 – Rumor Mill

Rumor mill, accuracy of this info not validated.

High School Musical 2 (proposed title may change) is the sequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical, planned for release on January 19 2007. Bill Borden, producer of High School Musical, said the film is signed for as a three-part telefilm (as its predecessors Zenon and Halloweentown were). Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens , Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, and Monique Coleman have been confirmed to return for the sequel, as well as the director and choreographer, Kenny Ortega. Cast Zac Efron as Troy Bolton Vanessa Anne Hudgens as Gabriella Montez Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans Corbin Bleu as Chad Danforth Monique Coleman as Taylor McKessie Kay Panabaker as Allyson Garfield.

As of yet, all that has been revealed is that Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor are organzing a talent show at the local country and golf club to which Sharpay, Ryan, and their family belongs to and where Troy is a life guard as a summer job. But during his summer job, Troy meets Allyson, a girl who is crazy over him. The producer for High School Musical reported to a recent online newspaper that the plot is currently being edited and has not been finalized as of yet.

“Currently we are in the process of making the final changes to make High School Musical, the sequel, even better then the first.” Rumors speculate that Sharpay and Ryan will be causing chaos in an attempt to restore the “natural order” that came forth by the nerds gaining popularity with the Jocks and give them their own social high back. High School Musical 2 will test the character’s true feelings and trust for each other.

Fernando Ortega

fernandoortega.jpgFernando Ortega is a contemporary Christian music artist. His current style incorporates his simple clear tenor voice, sparse piano stylings and light string trio. Visit FernandoOrtega.com to hear audio samples, bio info and photos.

A member of the worship team at my church told me about him. His music is incredibly beautiful. The first amazing impression of his current worship music is how simple it is. I have recorded several piano arrangements over the years that are almost note for the note the same as his, but that’s where I stopped. He continues to mix in his beautiful voice (also with very simple styling) in such a manner that is difficult to describe.

I’m humbled by the simplicity of his work and how it speaks to so many people. There is a kindness and openness in his lyrics, an honesty that is very refreshing and needed in contemporary Christian music. I started incorporating some elements of his style into our worship service and received good response to it.

My words will not do it justice. Visit his website and experience it for yourself.

Fernando Ortega is an adult contemporary singer-songwriter in contemporary Christian music. He is noted for his interpretations of traditional hymns and songs, such as “Give Me Jesus”, “Be Thou My Vision”, and many others, but also for writing clear and accessible songs, such as “This Good Day”.

Fernando Ortega Interview Excerpt from:
S4W.com: What has been one of the most profound lessons you’ve learned over the last few years?

Ortega: It’s probably something that everybody in the world already knows or has realized. It has to do with prayer, namely the idea that quite often prayer does not change circumstances, but is really a way of recognizing the notion that God is with us. That ends up being the comfort, and to me that’s been a profound thing to learn. I’ve gotten a better sense that God is with me.

Free Christian Prayer Support

Creation vs. Evolution Debates

creationtalk.jpgWe have a little buzz of activity in the Creation vs. Evolutioin debate forums at CreationTalk.com – This site is a free public discussion forum for evolution, creationism, intelligent design and related topics. Currently on this forum is a healthy mix of creation and evolution supporters that are debating each other with gusto.

If you have any interest in these areas please checkout this forum. It’s also a good place to learn about the art of debate. Several of the members on this forum are extremely well-read, studied and come from a wide variety of scholastic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

Using the N word in the Arts

Younger generations of hip hop artists are increasingly questioning the use of the “N” word. You know the word. THAT word. Possibly the most emotionally charged word in the English language. The word that stands for centuries of society unfixed. Not a pretty subject. I’m loud and proud about freedom of expression in the arts and also run several hip hop forums. But just because you CAN express something does it mean you SHOULD? It’s an issue, and a good one for up and coming hip hop artists to give serious consideration to.

If you don’t listen to hip hop, let me fill you in on a couple things: The “N” word is everywhere in it. You can say what you want but it doesn’t change the facts, hip hop IS music (in fact it’s very good). It is currently the most active leading edge form of expression for teens. It’s here to stay. Remember the people in the sixties that said the Beatles were rubbish and rock was a fad? If you say that about hip hop today then you will eventually join those ranks.

I’ve heard the word a lot in two venues with two very different connotations. I played Country music for many years in nightclubs when I was younger. Not too often, but every once in a while, I would hear the word. Usually as part of a joke, but every once in a while said to me as if I was part of the inside crowd that appreciated it. I wore a cowboy hat, so I guess the stereotype fit. It always took me a little offguard, like why would they say that word?

The other place I used to hear it a lot was when producing hip hop music (I’ve produced several hundred hip hop demos and soundtracks, which is a little confusing to those that know me from orchestral and sacred projects). It was very rare that a rap artist did NOT use the word in a rap. It was really the expected thing. Every once in a while I’d get a rapper who told me they refused to use the word, but those artists were few and far between.

Times have changed. I think originally the word was overused in the context of comraderie as a way of de-sensitizing it’s history. “Yo my N***” was affectionate when said by the right person TO the right person.

Social consciousness undergoes a paradigm shift when a whole strata of society changes it’s view on something. An example is the current social consciousness about smoking; very different than it was in 1960. Or even drinking, as a society our overall view has changed. The tipping point of these things is a mystery, but one day we wake up and it seems the world has changed. So it is with our increasingly elevated race consciousness and the “N” word.

The arts, rap music, was one of the places the word was cool. A slow change has occured and artists are increasingly evaluating their use of the word. In 2006 when comedian Michael Richards went on his racist rant at the Comedy Club in Los Angeles, he inadvertantly opened a lot of discussions. I saw one interview with another comedian who’s schtick was built largely on using the word, and he announced he was cutting it from his act. He was asked if he would still be funny without it, his response was that he really didn’t care. He was doing his part to do what he thought was right.

I’ve run a hip hop forum since 2000 who’s membership is largely urban youth age 12-19. They’re talking about it now, whether it’s ok to use the word. That’s the reason I’m writing this post. It was never a discussion before, it was just the thing to do. But somewhere the tipping point has turned and even inner-city urban youth are questioning the effects of the word.

Many people accept that the arts are a way of expressing the human condition. If the race consciousness has changed to finally make this word obsolete after hundreds of years, then artists might consider that fact when creating new works. My experience has been that younger artists use the word not fully realizing it’s implications. Increased education and exposure to the struggles that have gone on during the Civil Rights movements has a tendency to dull the charm of the word for many artists.

World Rap Championships Finals – trailer

US wins World Rap Championship in October 2006, Las Vegas, NV. Shout out to the RapDogs crew.

Greeks Build First Computer in 3rd Century BC

antikythera.jpgAntikythera page for related discussions.

The ancient Greeks had built an analog computer in the 3rd century BC. Many agree that for a thousand years afterward no mechanical device was built more sophisticated than this. The destruction of the Library of Alexandria is also still a hot topic with debates about who was responsible, and how much it’s destruction contributed to the Dark Ages and the apparent halt of scientific discovery. Read background on the Wikipedia Byzantine Empire.

This discovery was made back in 1902. In 2006 new x-ray studies revealed increased sophistication of the device and more text on the outer casing available for translation.

An ancient astronomical calculator, built around the end of the second century BC, was unexpectedly sophisticated, a study in this week’s Nature suggests. Mike G. Edmunds and colleagues used imaging and high-resolution X-ray tomography to study fragments of the Antikythera Mechanism, a bronze mechanical analog computer thought to calculate astronomical positions.

The Greek device contains a complicated arrangement of at least 30 precision, hand-cut bronze gears housed inside a wooden case covered in inscriptions. But the device is fragmented, so its specific functions have remained controversial. The team were able to reconstruct the gear function and double the number of deciphered inscriptions on the computer’s casing. The device, they say, is technically more complex than any known device for at least a millennium afterwards. The text is astronomical with many numbers that could be related to planetary motions, and the gears are a mechanical representation of a second century theory that explained the irregularities of the Moon’s motion across the sky caused by its elliptical orbit.

Antikythera Greek Mechanism Page

Wikipedia Antikythera Information

Wikipedia Byzantine Empire

Federal Way, WA School Blocks Al Gore Film

gore-truth.jpgExcerpt: This week in Federal Way schools, it got a lot more inconvenient to show one of the top-grossing documentaries in U.S. history, the global-warming alert “An Inconvenient Truth.”

After a parent who supports the teaching of creationism and opposes sex education complained about the film, the Federal Way School Board on Tuesday placed what it labeled a moratorium on showing the film. The movie consists largely of a computer presentation by former Vice President Al Gore recounting scientists’ findings.

Read the Seattle PI Article on Blocking An Inconvenient Truth.

High School Musical Conductor Question

I’m doing HS Musical at Irvington Town Hall Theater in a little over a week. I’m playing and conducting and my old Mx8 midi patchbay has just died. Would you recommend a replacement to control my synth rig, either standalone or computer based is fine? What do you use?
Thank You,
Julius Petty

Hi Julius, I only use a midi patchbay in the studio, not live. When performing live I use 4-5 keyboards to cover different sounds, so no need for a patchbay. (Keyboards used are dedicated weighted piano, Hammmond B3 clone, Synth controlling laptop with virtual keyboard I use for custom FX, and two utility boards for synth, strings etc. ) You can usually daisy-chain up to three midi units together without an audible delay. Off the top of my head I think delay per midi daisy chain “through” is around 3-7 milliseconds. Audible delay usually occurs somewhere around 20 milliseconds for most people. So, you can hook up to three units together before you reach a delay that’s audible. Do you need to link together more than three modules per board?

Hope that helps. We’re just starting to rehearse our production, so let me know if you have any super-duper secret insider tips or errata info on the scores.

Martin Luther King Jr Mountaintop Speech

Martin Luther King’s final speech. Memphis April 3 1968 “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop”. He had a fever that night and had cancelled his speech, but so many people showed up that they called him and said “You HAVE to speak tonight”. They covered for him so he would only have to speak a couple minutes, but he got on a roll, and here you go.

Martin Luther King

August 28, 1963. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Washington D.C.

Clarification on Isaac Asimov Quote

oblatespheroid.PNGHere is an Isaac Asimov quote I was a little unclear on, and a following explanation from a member at one of my forums. It came up during an evolution-creation debate. More info on oblate spheroids.

When people thought the earth was flat, they were wrong. When people thought the earth was spherical, they were wrong. But if you think that thinking the earth is spherical is just as wrong as thinking the earth is flat, then your view is wronger than both of them put together.
Isaac Asimov, 1988.

My statement: Please clarify, I thought the earth was an oblate spheroid.


An oblate spheriod, and slightly pear-shaped, to boot. So yes, it’s not a sphere. But it’s much closer to being a sphere than it is to being flat. More importantly, the determination that the Earth was a sphere was done by observation and experimentation. It is incorrect only due to the limitations of the observational equipment.

The Earth being flat is quite obviously wrong with the smallest amount of investigation. The Earth being spherical is wrong when examined quite carefully and precisely. There is a quantitive difference in the “wrongness” of those two positions.

It’s like Newtonian mechanics is wrong, but still useful for terrestrial movement. A spherical earth is a useful simplification for navigational purposes. A flat Earth is not a useful model for anything much.

Augsburg Fortress 2007 Seattle Church Music Workshop

worship.gif Augsburg Fortress is hosting a Winter 2007 Music Clinic on Saturday, January 13 at Plymouth Congregational Church, 1217 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA led by choral director and organist Douglas Cleveland. Sign up for free registration at http://www.augsburgfortress.org/events or visit the Augsburg Fortress music website.

Augsburg Fortress is the Publishing House of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Workshop runs from 8:30am to 3pm and includes two choral sessions, a pipe organ workshop and Musikgarten presentation for reaching younger children with music in a church setting. A music store will be on location with the latest liturgical and sacred choral arrangements from Augsburg Fortress.

Douglas Cleveland is acclaimed as one of America’s finest concert organists and currently maintains a full recital calendar while serving as Music Director at Plymouth Congregational Church in Seattle, Washington. He holds degrees from The Eastman School of Music, as well as Indiana University, and served as Assistant Professor of Organ and Church Music at Northwestern University.

Rumor Mill – Brigadoon is NOT Pre-Cast

Rumor mills in theater are nothing new. I wanted to clear the air and let people know that the Lyric Light Opera of the Northwest production of Brigadoon is NOT pre-cast. At this point all roles are open and will be decided at auditions.

We do have a Scottish choir rehearsing for a concert, but this is not a casting of the Brigadoon chorus. It’s a sort of Brigadoon preamble and I appreciate the opportunity to get better versed on Scottish music styles.

Just had our first rehearsal for our Scottish choir in preparation for performing at the Celtic Arts Foundation January 20th Lincoln Theater (Mount Vernon, WA) event. The sound was incredibly beautiful, I think we were all pleasantly surprised. If this is any indication of the quality of music we will have for the show then I can reasonably predict that this production of Brigadoon will be a very professional presentation that any trained singer would be proud to be a part of.

There is talk of a first run of auditions to happen in January with later auditions in April – this is still up in the air so please visit the Lyric Light Opera of the Northwest website for audition updates. If there is a first run of auditions before April it is strongly suggested you make those if interested in being part of the Brigadoon cast. This show will run at McIntyre Hall and at Kirkland Performance Center in July and September 2007.

This show is BIG. I will make it rock to the best of my abilities.

Freddy Fender – Newsmaker of the Year 2006

freddy-fender-1957.jpgCorpus Christ, TX – The Corpus Christi Caller Times has named Freddy Fender their Newsmaker of the Year. Denise Malan, one of the writers, called me a couple weeks ago for the article. Some of article focuses on the spiritual side of Freddy and includes some of my comments on that. You can read the Freddy Fender Caller Times article here.

As far as I know I’m the only former band member currently working on sacred music on a regular basis. It was a little ironic when the writer asked me if Freddy had any impact on my spiritual life, and I replied that I didn’t think so directly. Then she asked me what I was doing now, and I said music for theater and church. Made me stop and think for a bit about that. I stopped playing for Freddy Fender in March 2005.

Freddy Fender was very supportive of AA. He had the bond that only those in AA have for each other. The close of the article reads:

Askland, the keyboardist, remembers that while touring Fender kept in touch with friends from Alcoholics Anonymous. One Christmas a few years ago, Fender even brought the band to Corpus Christi to play for his AA group.

“We were right in the little meeting room,” Askland said. “That was his Christmas gift to them.”

Vaya Con Dios Freddy.


Brigadoon MP3 Music Clips

brigadoon-album-cover.jpgI found Brigadoon sample MP3 music clips online at Yahoo shopping. Don’t know how long this link will work but thought I’d post it for easy reference. It is the 1991 studio cast of Brigadoon. These are not full clips, just samples to give you the feel of the songs. I don’t know if they are actually MP3 files, but play with Windows media player. I am calling them MP3 because that’s what I search for when looking for clips.