Video – Freddy Fender – Before the Next Teardrop Falls


Thanks to Deb for sending this too me – another video from when I played with Freddy Fender (I’m the keyboardist on the right). Before The Next Teardrop Falls is often unwittingly called “Before The LAST Teardrop Falls” and Freddy Fender is often spelled as “Freddie Fender”, as they are in this video title. My best guess is this video is from Laughlin, Nevada sometime between 2003-2004, probably 2004.

I absolutely loved playing this song with Freddy. The crowd would get so nostalgic and everyone hugging their loved ones, it was always a great moment in the show.

Here are some of the comments people had posted about this video of Freddy Fender performance:
Thanks Freddie for the best womans drinking pity party song ever!!!!!Had many of them to this song,you were so much a part of my high school life and there after.Love you Dear Freddie,RIP

saw him at the palomino club in north hollywood…he just got out of prison,and people were lined up outside waiting to see him sing,in 1975….i am glad i was there
Does anyone have his recording/video of “Eres tu”?
RIP, dear Freddie! You were a true CLASSIC! Your songs came into my life when My husband of 20 years left me for another and then I got involved with another…and I am still crying…for my first. Hurts whrn I hear these great songs! Luv you and miss you.

WOOT!!!!! Love this so much!

That’s a great love song for one thing the song extend to the person we love but not able to marry. For true love endure forever -it’s like eternal.. love you freddy

leti2102I love this song. Freddie was great.

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  1. Conrad/ did you get my comments about freddy fender having personal things said about him? when was this video made,about 3 months before he got too ill ,i think when he was on durand show [i saw u singing on the organ] he was so sweet with the people holding onto his hand + smiling + telling them as he laughed trying to sing ‘you cant whistle–,then later oh not anybody from arlington texas [just the valley ] what a guy ;;;;;;;;i saw what must have been his last appearance on the show where he was so darkkkkkkk loking ,i am sure his liver was not working ,but he gave us his all .what a guy,,,,he had gained so much fluid as he had never walked that way .i have seen people dying + the are so bronzy looking as the liver cant filter the toxins,does he not have a boy?i see shawn sahn i taking his dads place on the road.thats great ,dont guess vangies’ girl sings ,huh.i wish i could have seen freddy ,when he was with the tornadoes in 1992 he was so cute playing that guitar,didn his brother not stay with him ,i keep looking in the videos ,but i dont see him ,what did he do if not be with freddy .i see flaco’s still going great.what do you do overseas ,play with others.wish i had a copy of freddy singing ‘almost persuaded’ you dont have it do you ?please answer

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