Amazing Truck Crash Survival Photos

 Snopes posts these survival pics with the caption “I Bet This Guy Will Be In Church On Sunday”. He’s definately a lucky guy. This story was reported back in January 2007 and verified by Snopes in May 2007, but just hit CNN news recently.

When I get those cute fluffy stories emailed to me it’s automatic that I check the urban legend websites for verification. 99% of the time the story is not true; someone made it up as a feel good anecdote. But this one so far has been researched and marked as true by skeptic websites like – check out details here:

And further verification can be found at here:


So stunning are the photos on the myth-buster sites that many people posting comments allege the pictures have been altered with Adobe Photoshop.

Not so, say the local police.

After crashing through the barricade, the truck slammed into a concrete drainage culvert on the canyon side of the guardrail. The force of the impact propelled the pickup truck into the air, spinning it 180 degrees counter-clockwise along a guardrail.

“When it hit, it flipped end over end and cleared the culvert,” Hurricane Police Chief Lynn Excell said, explaining how the truck sailed over the watercourse, a distance of about 20 feet. “How that happened I don’t know.”




Satellite photo from Google Images (below).


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