Peter Pan Flying Resources

tmatrix.jpgIf you’re doing a production of Peter Pan you might be interested in going the extra mile and do some flying fx. See my previous post about FLY BY FOY – or visit them directly at the FlyByFoy website.

There’s another great resource at the website. They have very good video samples posted that show Cathy Rigby in performance and rehearsal flying. Also accompanying sound effects that are good references if you’re designing sound foley for flying sequences.

From the website:

Founded in 1994, ZFX has delivered a fresh perspective to the ancient craft of flying using a new dynamic style. ZFX quickly became an industry leader and one of the top flying companies in the world with offices on two continents. Proudly, we have over 30 employees around the globe with experts in their field including flying directors, choreographers and even performers.

muse.jpgGrowing from a handful of dedicated craftsmen and artists, ZFX continues to maintain our small-company attitude treating each client as if they were our only. This allows us to focus on even the tiniest of details for each production whether it be a community theater or a Broadway show.
ZFX flies over 200 different productions annually and we continue to set the industry standard for customer service!

Fly By Foy – Theatre Flight Magic

jpps.jpgHow does Peter Pan fly through the air during live theatre shows? Find out at – one of the originators for stage flight, and one of the earliest pro theatre flight crews to work on Peter Pan.

Skagit County’s Theatre Arts Guild has hired Fly By Foy to provide all flight fx for their November 2006 performances of Peter Pan at McIntyre Hall, Mount Vernon, WA.

Currently they have large touring, medium professional, church and community theatre projects going on throughout the United States. Checkout their website for more info at

In talking to other people about Foy, it would seem they are recognized as the only company in America providing special fly effects for theatre – specifically for Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz. For the Wizard of Oz they have a dedicated ballon basket that rises up for the final scene.

peterl.jpgThe company was started by Peter Foy. Here’s an excerpt on his background:
In 1950, a young Englishman named Peter Foy sailed from London’s West End to stage the flying for a Broadway production of Peter Pan, starring Jean Arthur and Boris Karloff. Foy’s services and the flying equipment were provided by Kirby’s Flying Ballets, a British company hired by the show’s producers after they discovered that virtually no theatrical flying had been performed in the United States for more than two decades.

Past well known Peter Pan lead actresses include:

Sandy Duncan

Mary Martin

Jean Arthur

Cathy Rigby


Peter Pan Auditions – Theater Arts Guild 2006

PP-Poster-small.pngMount Vernon, Washington – Auditions for Peter Pan will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 6th & Thursday, Sept. 7th at 6 pm, 7 pm, and 8 pm both nights.
Callbacks will held on Saturday, September 9th.
Rehearsals begin September 11th.
This is the non-musical version.

PERFORMANCE DATES, McIntyre Hall 2006:

Nov. 17, 18 (2 shows), 19, 22, 24 (2), 25 (2), 26


Visit for audition contact info.
AUDITION LOCATION: 124 S.12th St., Mount Vernon (1/2 block south of Division Street, near Skagit Valley Hospital)

(NOTE: Actors auditioning for Peter, Wendy, John and Michael must be in good physical condition and be unafraid of heights.)

Peter Pan will run for two weekends only, November 17th through 26th, 2006, at McIntyre Hall in Mount Vernon.

For more info visit


The classic story of Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up, has delighted audiences for 100 years. First written by J.M. Barrie as a stage play, then adapted by Barrie as a book, then the animated film by Disney, then morphed into the popular musical, the story is familiar to almost everyone. Actors auditioning for this play are urged to read the play or the book prior to auditions. Several movies have portrayed Peter Pan, including the Disney animated film, “Hook” with Dustin Hoffman in that role, “Peter Pan’ a 2001 adaptation, and “Finding Neverland”.

The TAG production is the non-musical play, and the cast will have between 40 and 60 people. The production will include special effects enough to give our cast members advanced training in theater technology, including a Tinkerbell laser, fog, Peter’s dancing shadow, a sinking Tiger Lily, pixie dust, sword fights, and, of course, flying.

For the part of Peter and the Lost Boys, we will audition both boys and girls; however, a boy age approximately 12 to 13 is preferred for Peter. We will not cast a small woman in the part of Peter as is normally done in the musical version. The Mermaids will be girls between the ages of 13 and 25 (or so). Pirates will be actors of all ages, including women as pirate wenches. Actors auditioning for pirates should leave their inhibitions at home.

Actors need to prepare a monologue or poem no more than 2 minutes in length. Callbacks will be Saturday, September 9th, and rehearsals start Monday, September 11th. Rehearsals will be from 6 pm to 9 pm Monday through Thursday with some Saturday rehearsals for Peter and his Shadow. For one or two days the week prior to opening (November 13th to 17th) the actors playing Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael may need to be excused from school early to perfect their flying, since this effect requires practice with a professional crew in order for everyone to be comfortable and safe. The flying effects are being produced by the company Flying by Foy.


The cast of speaking parts is as follows: (in order of appearance)

Nana (a dog played by a child)
Michael Darling
Mrs. Darling
John Darling
Wendy Darling
Mr. Darling
Liza the maid for the Darlings
Peter Pan
Peter Pan’s shadow
Tinker Bell (played by a laser)
Lost Boys
First and Second Twins
Captain Hook
Bill Jukes
Gentleman Starkey
Tiger Lily
And little fairies, pirates, Indians, mermaids, birds, and animals
We may also use some child actors to be in the audience for Pirates to drag up on stage!

For more info visit