Peter Pan Flying Resources

tmatrix.jpgIf you’re doing a production of Peter Pan you might be interested in going the extra mile and do some flying fx. See my previous post about FLY BY FOY – or visit them directly at the FlyByFoy website.

There’s another great resource at the website. They have very good video samples posted that show Cathy Rigby in performance and rehearsal flying. Also accompanying sound effects that are good references if you’re designing sound foley for flying sequences.

From the website:

Founded in 1994, ZFX has delivered a fresh perspective to the ancient craft of flying using a new dynamic style. ZFX quickly became an industry leader and one of the top flying companies in the world with offices on two continents. Proudly, we have over 30 employees around the globe with experts in their field including flying directors, choreographers and even performers.

muse.jpgGrowing from a handful of dedicated craftsmen and artists, ZFX continues to maintain our small-company attitude treating each client as if they were our only. This allows us to focus on even the tiniest of details for each production whether it be a community theater or a Broadway show.
ZFX flies over 200 different productions annually and we continue to set the industry standard for customer service!

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