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EVERMORE – a new science fiction rock musical with stage play by Mike Rostron and songs by Mike Rostron, Jim Nelson and Lesley Rostron. Directed by Christopher Key and inspired by the novel “Engine Summer” by John Crowley.


A thousand years in the future, small bands of people live in the ruins of a forgotten civilization.Rush That Speaks, a young man of Little Belaire, falls in love with a girl of Dr. Boot’s List, but the call of clan identity is stronger than love and Once A Day returns to her own people. Rush meets a messenger from The City In The Sky who offers him a compelling gift.

The story of Rush That Speaks and his strange destiny is told in dialog, song, and dance with a large cast of characters and the backing of a full rock ensemble.

I attended the dress rehearsal on May 8, 2013 at the Lincoln Theater in Mount Vernon, WA. Official opening is May 9.

The band was a four piece: two guitars, bass and drums. I enjoyed the live sound of the band. I thought it was full, edgy and added a lot of energy to the show. I would place a fair bet that the musicians were rock and/or club musicians, not musical theater folk. And that was a real benefit in this case because the music is edgy and leans more towards concert rock than traditional “Sondheim” style musical theater.

After the show people asked me what it was like and my best reference that came to mind was the musical “HAIR”. The similarity would be that there were set pieces of dialogue exposition and then it would turn to a lengthy rock song that reflected on the previous dialogue. Often times the pieces were accompanied with cast members dancing on stage either in a rock or interpretive style. So that’s what led me to the “Hair” comparison. Even though it’s a sci-fi musical, the feel of the music had freedom and expression to it that had, to my ears and eyes, a 60’s freedom sort of vibe.

The male character named “Rush That Speaks” had a wonderful clear tone in the high baritone range. Not piercing, not too forced. He had great control and knew when to let the flood gates open with his bravado. The female character “Once a Day” had a commanding, slightly ingenue, presence on stage coupled also with clear and focused vocal technique. I had read somewhere that there was a “Romeo and Juliet” element to their relationship and indeed there is. It was interesting to think of the Capulets and Montagues during certain scenes, but I don’t want to give any spoilers.

The “Angel” character had a surprisingly beautiful voice as did many others, and I have to apologize that I don’t have everyone’s names because there were no programs for dress rehearsal. But you know who you are!

It is no small feat to bring original productions to the stage. It takes bravery and the tenacity of a bulldog on a postman’s leg. Without the creation of new works theater is dead. So congratulations to the cast and crew of Evermore of bringing a new musical theater production to the stage.

Free Key Productions Present:

A Science Fiction Rock Musical

Stage Play by Mike Rostron

Songs by Mike Rostron, Jim Nelson & Lesley Rostron

Inspired by the novel Engine Summer by John Crowley

Directed by Christopher Key

Music Direction by John French



For more info visit http://freekeyproductions.com


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