Memories of Mount Vernon WA


My friend Suzann just sent me this montage of some shows I’ve conducted while in Mount Vernon, WA. I can make out Elton John’s AIDA, Seussical, Disney’s High School Musical, Rocky Horror Show and Brigadoon. (The penguin outfit is what I wore in Seussical).

In a couple days I leave for Montreal, Canada to join the creation process for Cirque Du Soleil’s new show in China. Thanks Suzann for the good Mount Vernon, WA memories!

One of Suzann’s favorite sounds (and mine too!) is the sound of an orchestra tuning. I got extra brownie points with her when I had her brought down into the pit to sit in the middle of the Brigadoon orchestra while they tuned.

“A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.”
– Donna Roberts

2 thoughts on “Memories of Mount Vernon WA

  1. That tuning was one of my all-time favorite moments in life. You rock. And thanks again for the memories.

  2. What a great farewell gift! How wonderful to have a permanent momento of the images others savor in their
    minds when they think of you and the experiences you’ve
    shared together. It’s a pretty safe bet there are other
    such images held in the minds of many who say good-bye
    for a while, and new ones taking shape – picturing the
    successes and adventures that lay ahead of you.
    Opportunity calls – we know you’ll soar like an eagle!

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