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Audition Tips for a Musical


Auditioning can be stressful,
here are some helpful hints when heading out for the audition.

Arrive at least 15 minutes early. You don’t
want to have to rush into your audition.
Give yourself time to find the space and warm up.

Pack your bag with a book in case there is
waiting and a bottle of water.
Not every place has a water fountain.

Be nice to everybody.
You never know if the person you are speaking to is important.

There may be several people waiting with you to audition.
Remember that they are competing with you for the same job.
Don’t let them intimidate you.

Wear neat, comfortable clothing.
We know you want to look nice,
but make sure you can move around the room.
And don’t wear a costume.
Your outfit can suggest the character such as a high-collar
blouse for a period piece, but don’t get all dressed up.

Careful when using perfume or cologne. You don’t want to
send anyone out of the room in a sneezing fit.

Try to find some background information about
the charcter you are auditioning for.
If you are auditioning for a particular company,
be familiar with their work.
It can also help you decide which pieces to
choose for your audition.

Bring clean and clearly marked sheet music.
If you are auditioning for a musical,
be sure the music you give the piano player
is cut down to 16 bars and is free of stray marks and coffee stains.

Remember to smile. If you are nervous,
take a deep breath and try to relax.
Recognize that you are not going to get every job
you audition for, but can learn from every experience.

When you are called in for your audition,
be confident and smile
and unless it is vital, avoid asking too many questions
as your audition probably has a tight time slot.

Keep your monologue to about a minute. Most directors can tell
in that time if they are interested. Have several pieces prepared
and one longer piece in case they ask to see more.

Definitely do not ask if you will be called back.
The casting director will let you know, that you can be sure of.
If you do get called back, wear the same outfit as during your audition.

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