Mystery Piano in Woods Perplexes Police

CNN reports that police in Harwich, Massachusett received a report of a piano in the middle of the woods. A woman discovered it at the end of a dirt trail. The piano is in tune, in fine working order and includes a bench placed in front of the piano as if someone was about to play.

Even CNN can’t help but be cheezy on this story. They said police tried “drumming up clues” no matter “how minor” they might be. But detectives have “run flat” on leads. Oh boy – that even puts MY bad humor to shame. The article also includes extra details that are “of note”.

For the record, it’s a Baldwin serial number 733746.

I can’t wait to hear how this story turns out and hope the prankster steps forward so we can full recognize them. We love you!

Read the original article on CNN:

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