PhpBB2 to PhpBB3 Upgrade Steps

In the process of upgrading my phpBB2 forums to phpBB3. The actual upgrade process you can find on the phpbb website. But here I will keep a list of maintenance steps to take after you have upgraded and rebuilt your search index.

  1. Change permissions on private forums (Moderators, etc)
  2. Check “The Team” link to check admins and update moderators.
  3. Create new Maintenance category for moderators andĀ  suggestions forums – put Web Link forum in this category – turn off all for guests and bots, only registered members can view.
  4. Check access for forums on new users, registered, admins, etc.
  5. Enable avatars – enable remote uploading, increase size limit to 50,000 kb, set images/avatar/upload folder to 0777 permission.
  6. Personal profile – allow users to contact via email YES. Notification on PM YES. Check avatar and signature.
  7. Upload logo to style imageset folder and select

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