Rap Beats and Hip Hop Instrumentals released on YouTube

Post-COVID I’ve decided to release more of my music library online and that includes over 260 rap beats and instrumentals that I produced for Rap Track back in 1999-2004. The new YouTube channel for some of these rap instrumentals is currently called Rap Dogs Rap Beats.

Rap Track was one of my audio lines. It started when so many rap artists recording with me in the studio would ask me to listen to different beats in the studio to find the best one for their song. This was time consuming for me to sit with them, so back in 1997 I started creating studio sample CD’s they could listen to on their own to select the best track for their recording. Word spread on these CD’s, so I started releasing volumes under the “Rap Track” product line name. By 2004 I had produced 26 volumes of hip hop instrumentals and they were very popular. We were shipping these CD’s worldwide.

In 2010 I shifted a lot of my audio library online and released some tracks under the Rap Track name, but also others under Rap Instrumental, 760 Crew and other pseudonyms. Now that YouTube has gained popularity as a destination for people to listen to music, it seems the best thing is to just release it all on YouTube.

Some of my favorite rap instrumentals will be released on my personal artist YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/ConradAskland  There is a playlist on my personal artist channel just for Rap Beats and Hip Hop instrumentals.

“Rap Dogs” was the name of a rap artist hip hop online discussion forum that I ran from 2000-2017. Especially in the early days it was an extremely busy forum and an important virtual connection for many up-and-coming hip hop artists. I loved the Rap Dogs community that had the motto of “Be RapDoggy” and always tried to encourage “RapDog Love” in supporting fellow rap artists.

One of my favorite hip hop instrumentals from back in 2003 is now released on YouTube and called “Sad Clown”


Here’s a playlist from the Rap Dogs Rap Beats YouTube channel:


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