Roberto’s Cha Cha – Ballroom Dance Music

“Roberto’s Cha Cha” Music by Conrad Askland (ASCAP). © 2016.

I wrote “Roberto’s Cha Cha” back when I was musical director and pianist for “Burn the Floor”, a modern Broadway Ballroom Dance show. It’s a straight ahead Cha Cha beat with classical nylon guitar, piano and percussion.

While I was music director for “Burn the Floor”, I became friends with several of the dancers. I had the idea of writing new music to present to the Burn the Floor team and this song was one of the demo pieces. The dancer I was working with got called away at short notice to one of their international tours so we never actually finished the demos and never did a presentation.

This song also has lyrics that I wrote in Italian (with the help of one of the dancers from Italy) and I think I remember recording the vocal demo, but I can’t find it anywhere. All I can find is this demo mix of the instrumental version. I would like to have been able to do a professional mix of the piece but I also like the rawness of this piece without any effects or processing.

This song is also being released on my “Lost Tracks” album. Not all projects come to fruition. There are many projects I work on that stall before being finished. Often it’s because someone gets called away for a tour that takes all their focus. So that’s how you end up with 60 “Lost Tracks”.

I hope you enjoy this throwback to traditional Ballroom Dance, and also hope you enjoy the straight-ahead video of classic ballroom dancers.

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