Sharon Stone says China Earthquake is Bad Karma

HONG KONG — The backlash in China against Sharon Stone continued Wednesday as the Shanghai International Film Festival said the American actress was not welcome at this year’s event

The 50-year-old “Basic Instinct” star provoked outrage in China after suggesting that the recent earthquake in central Sichuan province may have been the result of bad “karma” because of Beijing’s rule in Tibet.

Sharon Stone made comments about China at Cannes. She later said she was “deeply sorry.”

Read the Sharon Stone Karma Article on CNN.


This reminds me of when Pat Robertson said the devastation flooding in New Orleans was God’s punishment for their evil ways (and then went on to threaten other towns with eartquakes for their tolerance of homosexuality).

I guess I’m just surprised at how often I read about this kind of thinking – that natural disasters spring forth from the hearts of men. It strikes me as very Neanderthal. Zeus died a long time ago in mythology and is no longer hurling his thunderbolts at us.

This earthquake in China is very painful for the people – it strikes them to their core much like the disaster in New Orleans was for us in the United States. Nature is not always here to accomodate our human wishes – sometimes it just does it’s thing and we happen to be affected. There is no good and bad in it – only our perception of how it affects us.

THAT is what really gets my attention when I read comments similiar to this. The earthquake was bad for us, but for nature just one of many processes. What could that possibly have to do with a system of good and bad mysterious checkpoints being logged on our personal paranormal records? We have invented a word called “Karma”, but just because there is a word for the concept does not mean that it really exists outside our feeble minds.

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