Network Updates Started

The long awaited updates of my networks is started now. Several new servers have been provisioned and all softwares are being updated to most current versions. This will be a slow tedious task that will take several months and will happen in this order:

  1. Forum communities updated and relaunched.
  2. Front page news articles reinstalled.
  3. Integration with social networking software.
  4. Integration of e-commerce.

What does this mean? Just that members can do more stuff and have more fun. All communities will still be free, but the addition of ecommerce options should help keep the increased financial overhead more sustainable.

Drupal vs. Phpbb vs. Joomla vs. VBulletin

Argghh! Are you like me and have spent countless hours reading about all these different software platforms? In my case, I have many different forums that I would like to upgrade – currently running PhpBB 2.2x on most of them. I don’t mind sinking some money into them – but I want a really great user experience.

I’ve been running forums since 1999 so have been around the block a bit. I’ve been burned in the past by using bridges and combinations of software that were deprecated – so I’m a little leary of using multiple software platforms, but still open to the idea if it really rocks and is stable.

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