Forum Updates May 2010

Are you here because one of the forums you belong to is down? I am updating some of my forum communities on other websites and they will be down for a couple days. I had originally planned on doing this in a rolling fashion for minimal down time but it’s much faster for me to just do it all at once. This means some forum communities will be down for 24-72 hours. I will try to be as fast as I can with the updates. Thank you for your understanding.

Forum Opening

I have opened a forum for my website at

It’s against my better judgement to open a forum on a personal website, but I can’t keep up with the number of email questions I’m getting now. Hopefully the forum will allow people to exchange resources. I receive many of the same questions via email – so this is also a way to answer people in detail and en masse.

I run many other online forum communities but have never had one on my own site before. This will also be a test area for me to try new forum functionality before bringing live to other communities.

Network Updates Started

The long awaited updates of my networks is started now. Several new servers have been provisioned and all softwares are being updated to most current versions. This will be a slow tedious task that will take several months and will happen in this order:

  1. Forum communities updated and relaunched.
  2. Front page news articles reinstalled.
  3. Integration with social networking software.
  4. Integration of e-commerce.

What does this mean? Just that members can do more stuff and have more fun. All communities will still be free, but the addition of ecommerce options should help keep the increased financial overhead more sustainable.