Victoria’s View on the Christmas Gloria

Article by Vicki McCarty about my Christmas Gloria which debuted Christmas Eve 2007.

Victoria’s View

“Drop off the music you got Wednesday and pick up the new packet.  Conrad has revised it”!  Huh?  Our jaws dropped in disbelief…how can that be?  We just got it and have only had one rehearsal…and we’re singing it tonight!!!    We took note of the sign on the front door and shook our heads.  This was turning into a memorable Christmas – in more than one way.  I could not have imagined this kind of Christmas Eve even a few years ago.  We entered and emptied the notebook with the music we had just picked up 5 days ago.  We were still reeling from the announcement our young music director had made just 2 weeks earlier.  “I’m thinking of writing a new piece of music for Christmas in a week – just like Bach and Mozart used to do!”   He went on to explain that it was common for them to write something new every week for church the next week.  So, he sat down and did it himself, just to see if it was possible.  I could not help but think what confidence he had in our choir – to think we could perform it after just one long practice – and do it in Latin – that took some confidence.

Two hours later, the service began.  Could we do it – the small group of musicians gathered together – we rehearsed it through twice with the orchestra – then our moment came.  A quiet fell over the congregation – and the first performance of Conrad Askland’s Christmas Gloria in D was born.  And it was beautiful.   A true Christmas miracle happened that night.  A wondrous story was told again, and became new and real to all there.  It was heralded with a beautiful new composition written to announce the glory of God.  A new Bach had done the impossible – composed, rehearsed, and presented his new work.  And we got to be there for the event.

We returned home to a house with no decorations, no tree, no dinner, and only the two of us.  But our heads were still ringing with the sound of Gloria in Excelsis Deo.   A memorable Christmas – in so many ways.  Move over Bach and Beethoven – there’s a new kid in town.

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