Rod Miller – Disneyland Pianist


For some reason I was thinking back on when I used to play piano at Knott’s Berry Farm in the Calico Saloon (and sometimes subbing at the old Bird Cage Theater melodramas). We did short Old West themed shows and in the summer the Can Can show. The piano style was so much fun. Barrelhouse and Scott Joplin style music. Lots of improvisation ham.

When you play the ragtime style several hours a day on a regular basis it’s a wonderful feeling. Really gets the chops in place. Add to that the camaraderie and competition of the other pianists doing the same thing in different shifts – and you really get in the zone for that style.

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Skagit Herald – March 10, 2011

Thank you to Beverly Crichfield from the Skagit Herald (Skagit County, WA – USA) for writing this article for the Thursday, March 10, 2011 edition. You can subscribe to the Skagit Herald and find local news at

The article talks about the years I did music and theater in Mount Vernon, WA and Skagit County, USA before moving to Macao, China with Cirque Du Soleil. You can click on the images to enlarge and read.

Below is front page of magazine insert.

2011 Vacation to Mount Vernon, WA and Las Vegas


February 2011 I flew from Hong Kong to visit the USA for a week in Mount Vernon, WA and then a week in Las Vegas. Although I only lived in Mount Vernon, WA for a couple years I consider it “home” because my sister and Mom live in the area. It was also one of my favorite areas to work in doing music and theater shows.

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2011 Chinese New Year – Kong Hei Fat Choi!


Kong Hei Fat Choi from Macau, China! 2011 is the year of the rabbit so that should be fun for all of us. Above is video and photos I shot in Macau on Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 2, 2011). Pictures of Senado Square, Macau Tower fireworks and my personal adventures purchasing rockets and explosives on the Macau waterfront. Good times.

And here is a very fun video from Mr. Kong Macau News. This was my third Chinese New Year living in Macau and this one was the best ever! I gave out my lucky red pocket lai cee cards to all the security guards and even received on myself at work.


Wynton Marsalis – 60 Minutes Interview 01/02/11

Jazz missionary Wynton Marsalis shares his love of America’s most distinctive art form by taking his Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra around the world. Morley Safer reports.

Part One:;contentAux

Part Two:;contentAux

Mom’s Christmas Present – Where My Bitches Remix Competition


Merry Christmas Mom! I was trying to think of a unique Christmas present for you this year. So remember when you visited me in China a couple years ago and we made the “Where My Bitches At?” video? (Original video posted above). Well, I decided to do a remix competition and you get to pick the winner!

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Jingle Bells – My Christmas Fart CD


Hey kids, it’s Christmas time again. You know what that means. Time to dig out your favorite Christmas Fart CD. May I recommend a Farting Christmas by Santa’s Farting Elves. Yes, I produced this. Yes, I think it’s funny. No, I do not think it is offensive to the Christmas spirit. Ok, that should pre-empt most of the hate mail.

Available on Itunes, and also on for Mp3 download or physical CD at:

Karl and Conrad 2010 Vacation Thailand and Cambodia


November 2010 my cousin Karl and I took a two week vacation through Thailand and Cambodia. This is the second video I’ve ever made and did it on Imovie with a Mac. It was very fun to work on. After doing a few more on Imovie I plan on jumping into Final Cut and learning how to edit video in that. I have Final Cut Express to start. If you have any video tips or websites with tutorials that would be much appreciated.

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The Meaning of Life

I had someone recently tell me they were very perplexed and sad because they didn’t know the meaning of life. I shared some thoughts with them that I think are rather obvious and pedestrian. The thoughts were very new to them and opened up some new thinking. So I’ll write them here in case any one else finds it of use. And if you read this and think “OMG, that’s so obvious and marshmallow” – well, hey – just move on.

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Blog Stats 2010 – Almost Top 100,000 in US

I was a little surprised to find out my little blog is almost in the top 100,000 of US websites. This blog was never created for any particular marketing or SEM campaign. I just started in 2006 to write about things of interest to me at the time. Maybe that’s why it’s popular – no ulterior motive!’s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 344,767. The site is relatively popular among users in the city of New York (where it is ranked #100,546). Compared with all internet users, the site appeals more to users who are aged under 25 and 35–55; its visitors also tend to consist of both uneducated and highly educated men earning over $60,000 who have more children and browse from work.

Visitors to it view an average of 1.3 unique pages per day. We estimate that 58% of’s visitors are in the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 101,553.

Seattle conductor George Shangrow killed in crash


Handel Messiah Comfort Ye Every Valley. Stephen Wall tenor. George Shangrow conducting from the harpsichord.

J.S. Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. Orchestra Seattle – Seattle Chamber Singers
George Shangrow, Music Director

Seattle is in mourning today and for all time on the death of George Shangrow. Seattle area conductor George Shangrow was killed in a car crash on Saturday July 31, 2010.

It’s not normal for me to publish things like this on my website. But this is just so shocking to me. I first worked with George when I was around 12 years old as a boy soprano and in 2005 had offered to relocate my record label and internet company to Seattle to solely focus on promoting his groups. I’m so sad to hear this. What a tremendous loss. He was such a great conductor, pianist and person. Condolences to his family.

When I was around 12 years old, George Shangrow was around 27 and worked as a rehearsal pianist for the Northwest Boychoir that I was in. He would also sometimes accompany me in voice lessons and later I sang in the chorus with him conducting Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.

In 2006, before I relocated to China with Cirque Du Soleil, I last saw him conduct the Bach Mass in B Minor in Seattle, WA. I spoke with him after the concert and he said “Are you still interested in that studio and internet thing?” and I said “Yes”. But that was the last we spoke and I relocated to China.

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Adam Baldwin – My Bodyguard fight scenes


Clip from My Bodyguard movie starring Matt Dillon, Chris Makepeace, Adam Baldwin, Ruth Gordon from 1980.


Classic clip from My Bodyguard where the bully Mike gets his ass kicked! Excellent Movie from 1980!!

I have been watching the sci-fi series Firefly and really enjoy the character that Adam Baldwin plays. That made me remember when I first saw him in the movie “My Bodyguard” back in 1980. Chris Makepeace and Adam Baldwin are around the same age as me so My Bodyguard was a powerful movie for me when it came out that I could relate to.

Here I posted the two fight scenes from My Bodyguard. What a great film for the time.

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Audio Downloads

I was going to wait until the uploads were finished to announce this but Google is already indexing my audio – so you can download audio I’ve written and produced at

It’s the “dot net” version of my name. The site you’re on now is “dot com”. I split the downloads into a new website because this one is already getting really bogged down with traffic.

And since I’m at it I’ll let you know that my forum which I never told anyone about is at:

I’ll keep doing uploads as I can and then come back here to make all the navigation between the different areas more user-friendly.