Alice in Wonderland 2008 – META Performing Arts


Mount Vernon, WA – META Performing Arts presents Alice in Wonderland April 25- May 4, 2008 at McIntyre Hall (Mount Vernon, WA).

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Congratulations to all the kids that have worked so hard in preparing this production. This show will include special 3D sets and I’ve heard the audience will be given 3D glasses for the show.

Break a leg!


Alice – Tasha Weiss
White Rabbit- Micaela Baca
Mock Turtle – Alexander Pedroza
Dodo – Mckenzie Willis
Gryphon – Kiara Landi
Duck – Olivia Pedroza
Caterpillar – Lauren Riley, Alicia Anderson, Cortney Brown
Tweedle Dee – Jensen Weyands-Mains
Tweedle Dum – Falon Sierra
Cheshire Cat – Havalah Raven
Duchess -  Stephanie Brisky
Cook – Madison Wagoner
Mad Hatter – Mya Norton
March Hare – Francesca Ragusa
Dormouse – Katie Arthur
Queen of Hearts – Nicole Trepus
King of Hearts – Gabriel Guevera

Quartet of Clubs: (are also members of the older chorus)
Two of Clubs – Jason Miller
Three of Clubs – Kaylah Golub
Five of Clubs – Alicia Cerny
Nine of Clubs – Hannah Ermi

Young Chorus – Kami Hamilton, Sarah McCormack, Aidan Dalton, Ciara Nawrocki, Stella Ross, Tatum Sprouse, Logan Price, Sophie Stewart, Kevin Arthur, and Kathryn Pauley

Older Chorus – Jessica Smith, Abigail Ferguson, Jake Sampson-Fitzpatrick, Katie Arthur, Nicole Henriksen, Heather Henricksen, Casey Grosso, Emma Holmberg, Madeline Holmberg, Magdalena McGuire, Lily Crosby, Bailey Hodges, Elle England, Taylor Aguilar, Grace Hari, Kayla Malcom, Taylor Phillips, Katlynn Colglazier, Zoe Whidden, Sarah Bamba, Katy Allison Haynes, Sally Alice Wegner, Jesse Jo Huizinga, Samantha Fox, Ashley Christoferson, Keelia Agsunod, Jessica Wright, Carly Crawford and Lucy Wasson

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  1. I rec’d brochure from the library stating tickets would be availible for Alice in Wonderland showing August 25 -Sept 15 . Is there a show now or did I miss it? Because McIntyre Hall doesn’t show that it’s availible.

  2. Hi conrad thid is falon and i just wanted yo say hi Also how was everything with cirque du soleil? well il talk to you later!!!

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