Nocturnes for Piano

085407410126.jpgMy Piano Nocturnes! I had forgotten about them. While doing sound effects for Peter Pan I needed a melancholy lullabye played on piano for the final scene – didn’t quite have time to compose a piece for it and then I remembered: The Nocturnes!

These were all improvised live in a church sanctuary deep in the night. These are my original pieces. One starts off like Moonlight Sonata, but takes a different path.. You will definately hear the Bach influence on the pieces. I am very proud of them and if you don’t like them, then you are a stinky codfish.

My favorites are #1 and #2 – I put them first so I wouldn’t have to waste time on the CD to hear them.

Piano Nocturne 1 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 2 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 3 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 4 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 5 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 6 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 7 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 8 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 9 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 10 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 11 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 12 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 13 – MP3

Piano Nocturne 14 – MP3

My friend Deb Carole sat in the Sanctuary while I played these and would give me input. It was a great evening and a memory I treasure. I improvise a lot like this late at night in a sanctuary, but this is the only time I recorded. Someone asked me recently if I ever practice at church late at night and just go nuts. The answer is yes, all the time. When I’m finished it’s a feeling like no other, always a feeling of peace and serenity – like what a Marathon runner must feel after a good workout.

My favorite is to do Bach style improvisations, they get very fast and would probably not please most ears I think. But at those times I don’t have to play for anyone else, just me and Thee.

5 thoughts on “Nocturnes for Piano

  1. Hey Conrad wazzup? I am listening to your first track on the page and I am thinking you could do motion picture scores.

    Hey, what do you think of James Horner? He usually does the military type scores.

  2. In the post before I wasn’t trying to imply that you sound like James Horner, I was just asking what you think of him.

  3. Hi Harry!
    Hey, sounding like James Horner is a compliment. Ironically, I have been told in the past that my music sounded too much like John Williams, and that I should try to be more in the ballpark of James Horner. So I guess it happened all by itself. 🙂

  4. I just listened to #9 all the way through. I enjoy the many false endings in the piece – very subtle humor interjected to the simple melody.

    These were very enjoyable pieces to improvise.

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