Peter Pan 2006 TAG – Cast and Credits

pp-web-400.jpgPeter Pan – Presented by the Theater Arts Guild (TAG) at McIntyre Hall (Mount Vernon, WA), November 17-26, 2006.

Flying effects by ZFX, Inc.

CAST – In order of appearance

NANA – Hydee Garman
Michael Darling – Alyssa Nelson
Mrs. Darling – Nicola Pearson
John Darling – Alex Ragusa
Wendy Darling – Taylor Frizzell
Mr. Darling – Brian Young
Peter Pan – Sarah Tsinger
Tinker Bell – Carly Stewart
Liza – Andrea Talley
Faires – Molly Frahm, Connor Nelson, Corin Pierce, Kaytin Rooney, Sophie Stewart

Wolves/Audience/Cabin Boys – Eva Givens, Hayden Idom, Gus Kidane, Trevin Rudy

Lost Boys – Emma Eliason, Cameron Frahm, James Matson, Jason Miller, Annie Murray, Alice Pollock, Greg Pollock, Reid Wells

Captain Hook – Brian Hurst
Smee – James Lindsey
Gentlemen Starkey – Brian Young
Cecco – Thomas Young
Billie Jukes – Brydie Landreth
Noodler – Jeff Huschka
Mullins – Matthias Struck
Cookson – Pete Grace
Pirates – Kevin Cobley, Susan Cook, Nathan Hamer, Kraut, Roger Ragusa

Pirate Wenches – Kathy Dean, Ann Klitzke-Nelson, Susan Watson

Tiger Lily – Felisha Palomera
Panther – Stefan Vanden Kooy
Warriors – Mikalah Barem, Shelby Burkhart, Rose Drummond, Rachel Huschka, Madison Idom, Maria Matson, Francesca Ragusa, Lourdes Young

Mermaids – Alisha Anderson, Ann-Kristin Becker, Sarah Damstra, Demi Fair, Chloe Roberts, Rachael Young

Crocodile – Dave Needy
Older Wendy – Alisha Anderson


Producers – Ellen Palmer, Bruce Vilders
Director – Dianne Goddard
Assistant to Director – Kathy Dean
Stage Manager – Brian Paxton
Assistant Stage Manager – Emma Lynn
Set Coordinator – Steve Craig
Technical Director – Don Willcuts
Carpenters – Philip Brown, Steve Craig, Howie, Don Willcuts
Costume Designer – Cathy Pfahl
Light Designer – Seajay Winters
Sound Designer – Jerry Fortier
Sound Effects Designer – Conrad Askland
Prop Designers – Shari Lindberry, Carole Lindberry, Fred Hastings
Make-up Designer – Seajay Winters
Tinkerbell Engineer – Martha McDade
Sound Engineer – Adam Lynn
Light Board Operator – Steve Fisher
Spot Operator – Wes Furlong
Paint Crew – Howie, Carrie James, Dave James, Sharon Litton, Suzanne McLamb, Norman Rogue, Ellen Palmer, Dorothy Peth, Jen Spence, Bruce Vilders, Seajay Winters

Fly Rail Crew – Spencer Desmarais, Howie, Dave Mumford, Nate Young
Running Crew – Spencer Desmarais, Alisha Huschka, Suzanne McLamb, Jim Nelson, Kelly Pollino, Emily Watilo, Wes Furlong, Jordan Lange

Aerial Crew – Spencer Desmarais, Jim Nelson, Roger Ragusa, Matt Struck, Dave Mumford, Nate Young

Props Crew – Amanda Curtis, Carol Garman
Hair/Make-up Supervisor – Patty Idom
Make-Up Crew – Daniel Davidge, Esther Ramirez, Amy Vermulm

Costume Crew – Jann Barem, Jill Eliason, Lu Parker, Leslie Crawford, Anne Clarke, Cast and their families

Volunteer Coordinator – Ann Klitzke-Nelson
Fight Choreographer – Bruce Vilders
Aerial Choreographer – JoAnne Craig
Warrior Choreographer – Lourdes Young
Poster Design – Scott McDade
Bio/Underwriting Boards – Jann Barem and Mikalah Barem
Flying effects provided by ZFX, Inc.
Thank you to Russ Morgan from ZFX
2006 Theater Arts Guild

Cathy Pfahl – President
Scott McDade – Vice President
Ellen Palmer – Secretary
John Cheney – Treasure
Harold Paige
Conrad Askland
Molly McNulty
Ann Klitzke-Nelson
Susan Watson
Brian Paxton
Carl K. Turner
Jane E. Skinner
Roger Ragusa
Jann Barem
Bruce Vilders
Eileen Butler
Pat Shreve
Karen Marshall
Dianne Goddard
Clarence Holden

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