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After the run of my latest musical, “PAN” (http://www.PanMusical.com), I’ve escaped to Europe and the Bahamas to perform, reflect and work on new projects. I love the different musical influences, especially Rome, Italy and Greece where I stumbled upon a concept for a new musical theater work that is dark and engaging.

Now in the Bahamas, I can’t really say that the musical influences of the tropical islands apply to my projects much, unless you need Reggae or club dance music ideas. But it’s good for relaxing and I’ve enjoyed the beaches and tropical locations with my compadres including Nassau, Belize, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Honduras and Jamaica.

So, to current projects: Yes, it’s true that I am working on a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Yes, I know Romeo and Juliet has been done to death and the comment has even been made in the press that “it’s time to just let the lovers sleep in peace for a while.” But, without giving too much away, I can tell you that my treatment of the bard’s Romeo and Juliet, according to my knowledge and research, has the possibility of being a world first. A world first in almost five hundred years since RJ was first written and performed. So I will leave it at that until I am ready to go public with my bold statements.

In other projects: the fall 2013 premiere of my “PAN the musical” was a resounding success with audiences. My revisions for that work are very few and the orchestrations, which were performed live, also have very little revision – so, in short, PAN the musical will be available to theater groups in early 2014 with complete script and orchestrations for a 7 piece band.

My 2012 premiere work, “Witches the musical” (http://www.WitchesMusical.com), still needs it’s revisions completed. Yes, I’ve been hesitant on revisions for Witches because it’s a very intricate theater piece and very close to my heart because of the historical aspect and narrative. I would estimate that “Witches!” will be ready in the middle of 2014, but of course I said the same thing last year!

I have also sketched out some other musical theater ideas for future performance including a thriller musical, a historical political piece (it’s much more interesting than that boring moniker infers), an adult comedy for small fringe cast, and a religious historical work. Also currently working on a collaboration but I won’t say anything about that because it wouldn’t be fair to the other writer.

Thanks for reading for those interested. I know that I have a small but extremely supportive group for my new theater works. Rest assured, I will give my all to each and every project I accept. It’s a thrill and a worthy use of time. Long live the vanguards of live musical theater.

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