ZAIA CD Soundtrack Released

ZAIA - Cirque Du Soleil

The official soundtrack for Cirque Du Soleil’s ZAIA show (Venetian Macau, China) was released on May 26, 2009. You can currently purchase on ZAIA CD – or go to and search for “ZAIA”. A cut from the CD should also be on the Cirque Du Soleil 25th Anniversary CD which will also be available on late June 2009.

If you follow the Amazon link you can also listen to Mp3 excerpts from the album. I’ve heard rumors there will be a “Making of ZAIA” documentary released that will include many of the musicians and artists involved in creating the CD soundtrack. 

To my knowledge, this is the first Cirque Du Soleil original soundtrack CD that has been recorded by the original show musicians. Most tracks recorded in Macau (SAR) China, string parts recorded in Hong Kong.

Music composed by Violaine Corradi. As a sidenote, I was asked by Violaine to arrange string parts for the CD which were recorded by members of the Hong Kong Philharmonic. That was a very fun project to work on. Hope you enjoy the soundtrack!

4 thoughts on “ZAIA CD Soundtrack Released

  1. yesterday i saw ZAIA and enjoyed it vy much, the music was great and i bought the soundtrack from the store just outside the theatre.
    yes, when i was reading the CD booklet, i found HK Philharmonic, that’s so cool!

  2. Hi Kelvin,
    Glad you enjoyed the music. Many people have told us we have the best sound system of any Cirque show. We’re very proud of our music and sound designers.

    Yes, the string players on the CD are from the Hong Kong Philharmonic. We recorded most of the musician tracks on location in the ZAIA theater. I did the string arrangements and we recorded the string parts in Hong Kong, along with a couple piano tracks on their grand piano.

    The HK string players were fabulous to work with. Great players and very enjoyable people.

    We usually pass through the gift shop after work, so it’s very likely I passed by you at some point and didn’t know it!

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