Zaia 2011 Promotional Video


Cirque Du Soleil’s ZAIA show promotional video released September 2011. Zaia is the resident show that opened in August 2008 at the Venetian in Macau (SAR) China. Acts in the video include Straps, Trapeze, Hand to Hand, Gypsy, Skate, X Board, Aerial Bamboo, Lion Dance, Firedance and of course Zaia’s dragon. Music composed by Violaine Corradi.

Cirque ZAIA Third Anniversary

August 28, 2011 was the 3rd anniversary of Cirque Du Soleil’s ZAIA show in Macau (SAR), China. Above is one of the new promotional posters. You can click it for a larger view.

Cirque Du Soleil ZAIA band

Maria Elena Medina (cello, viol), Olivier Milchberg (guitar, plucked strings, flutes), Gabriel Cloutier (singer), George Manz (key 2), Conrad Askland (bandleader, key 1, accordion), Rose Winebrenner (singer), Darrin Johnson (drums), Eduard Harutyunyan (percussion), Justin Wilman (violin, recorder).

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Varekai in Manila 2011

June 23, 2011 I had the experience of watching Cirque Du Soleil’s show VAREKAI in Manila, Philippines. I’m familiar with the music and had seen videos of the show but to watch it in person was electrifying.

My favorite parts were of course the music (another Violaine Corradi creation), the guy with the lightbulb on his head (you’d think since I work for Cirque I could look up the characters name) and the clown act with the spotlight (I’ve heard about that act for years, was fantastic to finally see it – very minimalistic and clever). Of course there were so many wonderful elements to the show I couldn’t possibly list them all. I’ll leave a professional reviewer to do that.

A big shout out to my friends and Varekai artists Isabelle Corradi (vocals) and Paul Bannerman (drums).

Varekai Opening (Charivari) Cirque du Soleil


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Sunday March 20, 2011 artists and techs from the Cirque Du Soleil shows ZAIA, KOOZA and ZED took a group photo on the ZAIA stage at the Venetian in Macau, China. We (the ZAIA crew) were happy to host them in Macau while they awaited updated reports on current events in Japan following the tsunami.

We think that this is the first time three different performing casts from Cirque shows have all been together and shared the stage. You can click on the image for a larger view.

Email Q&A: ZAIA and Cirque Flute Scores

Email question received:

Dear Conrad –
I enjoy your blog.  It’s a great chance for outsiders to get an inside look at what it’s like to be in a Cirque production. I write because I recently posted a video on Cirque’s Facebook Casting page and have two questions with respect to the use of various flutes in ZAIA.

1. How many different flutes are used in your current production?

2. To your knowledge, are there other current Cirque shows that are scored
exclusively for the flute? (either concert flute or other world flutes)

Thanks for your time.

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ZAIA Celebrates 1,000th Show


On Sunday March 20, 2011 the Cirque Du Soleil show ZAIA celebrated it’s 1,000th performance. The ZAIA cast had a big party at the Venetian casino in Macau along many of the artists and crew from the ZED and KOOZA shows. Here are some videos from Aomen (Macau) TV that I believe were released in December, 2010. It shows behind the scenes talks with a trapeze catcher and artistic director in the ZAIA show.

Hard to believe it’s been over three years since we began training in Montreal for the show. It’s been a very interesting time here in Macau, China!


Cirque Tokyo ZED and KOOZA Employees Evacuated to Macau

As a personal rule I do not post Cirque Du Soleil information that has not already been released to the public. That is not any directive from management. Just a personal guideline. I feel ok to post this since it has already been published publicly at:

“Cirque has decided yesterday to transfer all its employees currently in Japan to Macau (China). These preventative measures touch the staff and artists of ZED, presented at Tokyo Disneyland, which is closed for the next 7 days, and artists and staff of Kooza, presented in Fuji Dome in Tokyo, which is also cancelled until further notice. Artists and staff will benefit from the support of the Macau colleagues and will be able to pursue their training at the Macau training centre.”

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